Throwing a Stylish Baby Shower…

We all love to celebrate every small occasion with a bunch of people around. Why not do the same for a baby that’s in you? A child to a couple is a God’s gift and expressing gratitude in a stylish way can be a great idea.

We all are pretty much aware that a lady bearing a child is crazy and she can come up with a wacky baby shower for herself. A baby shower is just a function that gets people along at one time and place. Here are some ways to throw a stylish baby shower:


Inviting relatives by placing a call is what most of the people do. But are you sure people will save the date? Well, to put it on their calendar, you can create a stylish invitation. It’s your choice to print it and post or e-mail it.


Set a theme:

You can set a theme for everything around you. Starting from dress to the décor. Let the colors be amongst pink, white and blue or all 3 of them. But make sure it’s simple yet stylish.


What would be the best Venue?

A lawn must be on the top-list. This would not only give you space but also cranky ideas of a beautiful décor. Late evenings can be lit up with lovely lanterns and to make the environment soothing some music.


Want an entrance that stands apart?

Thinking different is way too important. Everybody has an entrance with those of flowers and ribbons. How about placing a dressing table, weaving machine and a bedroom table with some flowers and few accessories around? Of course, a dressing table would play an important role as ladies would like to see themselves in the mirror first. Children entering would love to grab a bit of some cupcakes around a table.


Décor – Keep it as much simple as you can:

It should be something that comforts everyone around and not too cheesy. Couches and pillows can be used for the to-be-mother to be seated. Using various colors is always appealing.


Melt the thirst:

Be a kid! You don’t need to necessarily serve in those super sexy glasses. Why do what everyone’s doing? You can serve the drinks in a baby’s bottle too and give it a feel of a baby shower.


Say Cheese – Ready – Get – Set – Click:

Who doesn’t love to get clicked at lovely events? So, keep a small and a creative photo booth for them.

Table arrangements:

Let’s not keep those plates served in the wedding. How about keeping the plates, spoons and forks like those of kids? Sounds weird but it can add up to a great value to the entire function. How? Baby-shower is all about blessing the kid that’s going to take a life. Why not just be a kid one day?


Easels can be for anything. Using it at a table-top or for directions.

Give-away gifts:

Give-away can be anything from chocolates to some things that could be used. A thank-you note with some chocolates would be great. What’s important is how do you present it! It could be a glass, or a paper-trolley.



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