When does a man say “She’s my lady”?

Every woman wants her man to always say “She’s my lady”, “That’s my girl”, and a lot cheesier statements when they are surrounded by a group of people. What’s the need for all this? It’s just a matter of insecurity. Well, but still men do what their lady says. It can amongst some of these times…

Being sarcastic

Walking awkwardly in a party with a smirk, is how his girl has trained him to be. Pretentious! And when guys’ old friend meets him and asks about her, he says “She’s my lady”


Developing personality

Men love showing off when they are in early adulthood. It feels like an achievement to have a lady walk beside them hand-in-hand.


They really mean it

Some relationships are matured because the couple mends it that way. When others say bad about their respective ladies, your man would have his head held high and he says “I am lucky. My lady isn’t such”. This makes his group curious to know who is she and that’s the time when he says “That’s my lady”


Just for the sake

Women are quite insecure when it comes to relationships. At times men just say it so that she has a smile on her face. They can’t see their lady unhappy.


When they want something

Men happen to be selfish at times. When they want something or the other, they will appreciate you enough for you to give them that easily.


Lady is smarter than him

Men love to have women who hold beauty with brain. When his lady decks up and looks much smarter than him, it just slips-off their tongue because somewhere down in their heart, they mean it.


When ladies stop being typical

Some women don’t give space to their men and just always want to be around them. When they stop torturing them, they will speak it.



Respect is a must in any relationship. If he gets that, he will say it without you asking him to say it. Few things are better untold.


Telepathy reader

When ladies speak on their behalf exactly what they wanted to, it is one heaven of a feeling. Women are an expert in it, Yes?



When your Man becomes your priority at the time he needs you the most, sooner or later, he will definitely say it.


Act smart. Be smart. Your man is all yours. Trust him and he will give you what you want.


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