Balanced Work & Rest

India being such a diverse country possesses various kinds of people. They can range from being lazy to being hyper-active, nerd to dork, and occupied and unoccupied and so on. But the working lifestyle of a person sterilizes them with pressure where one can’t focus on what they eat and what they don’t. The freelancers, on desk employees most of the time prefer being seated at just one place and working for like around 9-10 hours a day. Well, everyone would do that if they wish to possess a valuable experience in their field to come up with their own venture. But, people do not realize that this routine can deprive their health in the near future. What is the use of the money when you spend it all on your health? Why work when it doesn’t keep you happy? Being happy isn’t about just filling in your pockets but also about staying healthy. Freelancers are yet free to complete their tasks as per their wish and that is the right time when they can develop good habits before getting hired in a company. Most of the software engineers are determined to commit few mistakes which can lead to a poor health.  Here are some of them.

  • Your posture matters

Having enough amount of workload in office, one must be aware to sit right when they are on their desk. Most of us either hunch back when on the chair or slump over the keyboard. Except for the weekends, daily 8-9 hours a day we keep our spine misaligned and later complain about various pains we face. One must learn to sit right at on the chair which would relax our back and neck as well. Laptops can be efficient when you have to work for long hours along with a bean bag. Sitting continuously at one place can also strain our back. During the breaks, it’s advisable to have a walk around in the campus to feel rejuvenated.

  • Delicate eyeseye strain

If you are a software engineer then it is obvious that you won’t have any paper work. Everything will be right on your desktop. The more you gaze your desktop or laptop, the higher is the strain to the eyes. Eyes are delicate and need to be taken utmost care for proper vision in the next half of our life.  Being too much in front of the computer can cause blurry vision, dry eyes, head ache and redness.

  • Inactiveness can lead to mess

Having such a nerdy schedule of the entire day can be stressful for our brain as well as our body. Keeping our mind calm during work is the most important to deal with multiple people around us. The one, who has the urge to be fresh and active whole day, shall meditate and exercise at least for just 20 minutes before they start their day. Eat and sit is a sedentary lifestyle which can cause diabetes, heart problems, weight gain, blood pressure issues and similar such issues. The exercise boosts the power of our mind and helps us deliver effective and efficient work.

  • Eat rightbad-food

While working, most of us forget to have food on time and satisfying their hunger. No schedule of lunch and dinner can lead to stomach problems like acidity. The one, who eats food, doesn’t eat the right one. Excess consumption of beverages, pizza etc isn’t good for digestion. Skipping lunch or dinner has been so common nowadays for the people who are working for multiple companies. Why not munch in the fruits or sip in a glass of juice at particular intervals? It will cool down your hunger and also is energy booster along with the same.

  • Work overloadwork overload

Every client or company has a specific deadline for performing their tasks. Deadlines, client meetings, collecting payments, interviews and a lot more is supposed to be handled by the one who is the entrepreneur. The root cause of any disease can be that of stress we keep on piling up. Meditation, exercise, walk or a break can be one of the best stress boosters and helping you perform better in your task. Apart from that spending time with friends and family can be memorable and the best moment for you to chill out.

Looking after your health is your first job. It’s up to you how to look after it. The better your health, the healthier is your life.


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